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Who Is Troy Fry? Meet BCBA, Co-Author of Essential For Living


Who Is Troy Fry? Meet BCBA, Co-Author Essential For Living®

Troy Fry, BCBA is a renowned figure in the field of behavior analysis, with a career that spans several decades. His journey began in the early days of behavior analysis, a time when the field was not as ubiquitous as it is today. His work has been instrumental in improving the quality of life for individuals with disabilities by teaching them meaningful skills.

In his early life, Troy Fry was mentored by some of the greats in the field of behavior analysis, including Ray Miltenberger, Anthony Cuvo, Don Baer, Barbara Etzel, and Montrose Wolf. These mentors instilled in him a deep understanding of behavior analysis and its potential to change lives. The lessons he learned from these mentors have shaped his approach to behavior analysis and have been instrumental in his success.

Meet Troy Fry, BCBA & Co-Author Of Essential For Living

Troy Fry's educational journey is equally impressive. He received a B.A. in Science...

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