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CHATTcon 2018 and 2019

Access includes:

12 video lessons from the 2019 conference held in Seattle, Washington, USA July 17th-19th. Speakers include:

  1. "Fun with TAGteach" by Theresa McKeon, BA

  2. "The Science of Consequences and Other Convergences: What We Share with Animals (and Why It Matters)" by Susan Schneider, PhD

  3. "Shaping and Targeting and Capturing Oh My! How training animals has made me a better people trainer" by Anne Wormald, MA, BCBA

  4. "Handling Mistakes Positively" by Ken Ramirez

  5. "Cracking the Parent Training Code: Leveraging technology to reach parents in a new way " by Adam Dreyfus, MA, BCBA, LBA

  6. "Leveling Up With Virtual Reality Staff Training " by Andy Chavez, MS & Annie Escalante, MS, BCBA

  7. "Lip Licking, Whale Eye and Other Important Human Behaviors " by Theresa McKeon, BA

  8. "Solving Hard Problems: Messy Interventions in the Field" by Susan G. Friedman

  9. "Digital Training: The Why and How" by Alejandro Diaz, PhD, BCaBA

  10. "Pups to Pirouettes: Convergence, Collaboration, and Creativity" by Ann Bergeron, MFA

  11. "Understanding and Teaching Concepts " by T.V. Joe Layng, PhD

  12. "Environmental Enrichment as Behavior Support " by Christy Alligood, PhD, BCBA-D


Also includes access to 15 video lessons from the 2018 conference held in Seattle, Washington, USA July 7th and 8th. Speakers include:

  1. "An Opened Door" by Theresa McKeon

  2. "Eyes to See, Ears to Hear, Behavior to....?" by Susan G Friedman

  3. "Traditional Escape Extinction: Ethical Considerations and a Review of Alternatives" by Megan Miller

  4. "Inspiring your instructors, coaches, trainers, educators and others to use TAGteach strategies" by Joey Iversen

  5. "Accomplishment Based Performance Improvement" by Carl Binder

  6. "A Case for Embracing Data Science" by Amy Evans

  7. "TAGteach for Autism IS the Convergence of Human and Animal Training" by Martha Gabler

  8. "What Shamu Taught Me About Life, Love and Happiness" by Amy Sutherland

  9. "Real World Training: 'The Animals are the Easy Part'" by Ken Ramirez

  10. "AI, Big Data, and Machine Learning: Implications for Human and Animal Training" by Joe Layng

  11. "Programming for Generativity with Animals and Humans" by Vicci Tucci

  12. "The Training Triad--Raising Training to the Power of Three" by Steve White

  13. "Asset Based Team Training, Goal Directed Culture Change" by Lisa Clifton Bumpass

  14. "Teaching within Virtual Reality Environments" by Annie Escalante and Andy Chavez | "Why Are We Not Acting To Save The World‽" by RyanO

  15. Closing Panel Discussion


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A total of twenty-seven (27; one ethics, no supervision) BACB® Learning CEUs Available


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