What About Parents? A Quest to Bring Awareness to Parents of Children with Severe Autism

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1 video lesson: “What About Parents? A Quest to Bring Awareness to Parents of Children with Severe Autism” by Feda & Muhammad Almaliti (1 hr 25min)

The COVID-19 pandemic has upended life for everyone. But it has affected families with children who are severely impacted by autism even more than most. Feda Almaliti welcomed us into her home to spend time with her and her son, Muhammed, to provide the world with a first-hand account of what it's really like to parent a child with severe autism during a pandemic.

About Feda & Mu

Feda Almaliti was a tireless advocate for parents of children on the autism spectrum. This was especially true for parents of children who are severely impacted by autism, like Feda's son Muhammed (Mu). Feda was one of the first parents in California to sue (and win) ABA treatment for Mu. She was integral in the passage of SB 946, California's Autism Health Insurance Mandate. Feda's energy was infectious. She was able to make friends with literally ANYONE; even the grumpiest of legislators. Feda used her voice and her platform to bring attention to the plight of parents like her and, most importantly, to galvanize change.

Feda spent her life ensuring that Mu could live his best life. She wanted nothing more than for Mu, and other people like him, to live in a world where they were valued and accepted.


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